AM selection

This selection contains a combination of plain, unsweetened Fromage Blanc and Probiotic Yogurt. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or a morning snack. These make an ideal base for your smoothies or cereal.


    • 150g Fromage Blanc

    • 200g Probiotic yogurt


    Products are made from A2 milk and live lactic bacteria. They contain no preservatives or additives – just 100% as nature intended.


    Our cheeses are made from sheep, goat or cow milk depending on seasonal availability. If you'd like to know the exact source before placing your order, please text me on 021 828 854 or email me at


    Fromage Blanc can be used as a lower-fat alternative to cream cheese, or as a replacement for Greek yogurt. It is unsalted, so make sure to add a pinch with your toast or bagels. If you have a sweet tooth, Fromage Blanc can be mixed with fresh fruit, cereal or a little honey.


    Probiotic Yogurt is unsweetened, with a fresh taste and mild acidity. It’s the ideal base for your smoothies. It contains live probiotic bacteria good for your gut. Benefits from probiotic bacteria will be lost if heated above 50̌°C. Depending on the type of milk it is made with, the texture will vary from very thin (goat – for drinking) to standard (cow) to very thick (sheep – Greek style). 


    • Fromage Blanc: fresh pasteurised milk, rennet, lactic bacteria.
    • Probiotic Yogurt: fresh pasteurised milk, probiotic yogurt bacteria.


    All products have a 3 weeks shelf-life. They need to be kept refrigerated. Being live products, their taste will evolve slightly throughout the shelf life.


    Delivery fee is $5 for Auckland metro.


    Your cheese will be placed in an insulated box and icepack to keep it cool, and delivered to your front door. You will be notified by text when delivered.


    Please contact me with any specific delivery instructions (i.e., specific place to leave your order, prefered time / day).


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