A staple in France, fresh, creamy, lightly salted with a refreshing tang. 
Spread it on a fresh baguette, delicieux!


Choose from Organic Jersey Cow, Goat or Sheep.


Available in 135g re-usable glass jar.

  • Ingredients

    Fresh pasteurised milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, lactic starter culture.

  • Shelf Life

    All products have a 3-week shelf life. They need to be kept refrigerated. Being live products, their taste will evolve slightly over their shelf life.

  • How to use

    Fromage Frais can be used like feta or ricotta or as a lower-fat alternative to cream cheese.

    Try it on your bagel, baked into quiche or crumbed over your salad.

    Great as a base for spreads (think herbs, paprika, garlic).

  • Glass jars: Swap and Save

    Your order will be packed in returnable glass jars.

    For each jar returned, you will get a discount voucher to use on your next order. This is our way to thank you for your contribution in lowering our impact on the environment. 

    See T&Cs for details.

  • Delivery

    We deliver weekly to all of New Zealand via overnight courier.

    Items are packaged in carton boxes, with wool insulation and ice packs.

    Our cheeses are made-to-order to limit food waste -  to avoid disappointment, we recommend placing your order a week ahead.