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Founded in 2019, Anabelle’s affords me the opportunity

to explore my true passion whilst being present for my family.


Since then, I have been successfully crafting mouth-watering French-style cheeses

and yoghurts that my customers adore.


And the industry agrees, with several New Zealand Cheese Awards already!  

A French upbringing instilled in me that good food and company was life itself,

sparking a lifelong passion for all things food.

A Masters in Food Technology gave me the science I needed,

and it's this combination of passion and scientific expertise that has led to the creation of Anabelle’s.

The high quality of my products comes down to how I source the raw milks.

Respect for the land, animals and people underpins everything I do,

so I personally handpick ethical and sustainable local farms to source A2 milks from cows, goats and sheep.


(A2 milk is the optimal base ingredient to use, being gentler on digestive systems and great for gut health.)

Then it’s a process of adding live bacteria and some good-old-fashioned TLC to create my range

of French-style cheeses including Fromage Frais, Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche and yogurt.


Offering a slight tang on the palette these products are low in lactose, and a great source of protein.

And being very soft, they are a real joy to work with!

Create heavenly food and delight your senses with exquisite dairy.

bon appétit!

anabelle |  Exquisite Dairy

anabelle | Exquisite Dairy

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