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Get cultured!



Bonjour, I’m Anabelle and the only thing I love more than making beautiful dairy food

is teaching others how to make beautiful dairy food!

Being a French national and qualified Food Technologist, I am passionate about creating and sharing my love of food, knowledge and innovation.
So let me help you lift your ‘food game’ by learning the art of fermenting milk!

What you can expect to learn


A bite-sized lesson in microbiology

The range and characteristics of different animal milks

How we create different flavours and textures with time, temperature and micro-organisms


Nutritional information

And hopefully, a little bit of passion for this craft!


I welcome the opportunity to train you or your team - whether you’re a chef,

a curious cheese amateur or school group!


I will come to you, teaching in small groups for approximately 3 hours.


After which you will come away with your own product.


expand your knowledge

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