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Perfect as it is


Proudly sourced from local farmers who put their animals and the environment

at the forefront of every decision, Anabelle’s milks contain the A2 casein protein

which is known to be gentle on our digestive system.

We collect straight from the farm after which the milk is filtered of large particles,

then pasteurised at low temperatures (68degC for 2mins).

We do not standardise or homogenise our milks! As a result, all the nutritious elements

are retained: minerals, proteins, lactose and fat… ideal for making cheese!


Goat milk
Easy on tummies

We source our goat milk from Saanen goats.


New Zealand is fortunate to have access to this beautiful milk all year round, and with a diet of fresh grass, the result is pure white milk with a subtle flavour.


Once fermented, it forms a fragile curd that is softer than cow or sheep curd.

Goat milk’s popularity is due to a lower fat and protein content,

with smaller fat globules than cow milk it is easier to digest.

Sheep milk
New Zealand’s best-kept secret

Sheep milk is a rarity in New Zealand, yet it is highly nutritious and sweet tasting with a delicate


What’s not to love?
Anabelle sources sheep milk produced by East Friesian ewes which graze on fresh pasture.


As with goat milk, the fat globules are smaller than cow milk, and easier to digest.

When fermented, sheep milk produces a strong curd which is perfect for making cheese.
Sheep milk has a seasonal secret too, producing a delicious silky milk

between August and March.

Cow milk
White gold, it’s rich

Sourced from certified organic farms, Jersey Cow milk has a lovely golden hue

and tastes like vanilla!

Jersey Cows produce one of the most nutritious cow milks, with a high protein and fat content.

Fat globules remain intact, as we don’t homogenise our milk

and the resulting cheeses carry rich flavours.

It is available all year round.

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